Why Orgavente?

To enter a new market means huge opportunities, but includes a lot of risks

Your targets:

  • Successful entry into a foreign market / restructuring of your current Go-to-Market model
  • Independence of local , external organizations such as importers and commercial agents
  • You want to know, own your customers, collect experience and develop trust in the new market
  • Exploit the potential
  • Having costs under control and minimize risk

But what are the hurdles?

  • Language, culture, mental barriers
  • Foreign legal system (contracts, guarantee, terms of delivery,...)
  • Required product customization to local needs(quality, manuals,  etc)
  • High fix costs in case of own organization and staff
  • Local sales strategy and effective marketing

The solution:

New market entry under your own name und control thru a German organization , using BPO to run sales, marketing and order handling.

  • We offer long term experience and references
  • Professional and modern marketing strategy
  • Mimized costs due to variable model
  • Full transparency of all activties
  • Openess for future growth and new strategies

Orgavente International: Your partner for international success !

Head Hunting


Aside helping foreign companies to enter and work on new markets Orgavente International is also a specialized head hunting and recruiting company.

Our partners have more than 25 year experience in executive management as well as leading sales and marketing positions in big, medium and small organisations and different industries (IT Services, Retail and Consumer Good, Logistics and Finance).

Our key competences are direct search and industry network.

We are specialized to find top executives, sales executives and experts.

For companies:

Our target is to find the best person for you: Success thru individual support

  • Defined recruiting process from profile definition to contract signature
  • Direct search
  • Excellent market and industry knowhow
  • Premium network of executives and experts


For Candidates:

Do you want to do the next step in your career?

Are you interested on management positions and/or advancement opportunities?

Do you want to work for an innovative, aspiring company?

Contact us here, discretion is of course guaranteed.

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